Our Staff

Meet the team! Wag-n-Train comprise of Andrew leader of the pack, Dawn as our head trainer, Chloe the chief, Kerrie the underdog, Clea the puppy, and our drivers Robert, Gordon and Chris. Between us, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things dog related.


Andrew has grown up surrounded by dogs and the world of dog training and he spent his early years as part of the pack of collies his mum then kept. Positive reward based training works just as well for children as dogs. He first started assisting with classes around the grand old age of 12 when he was helping people many years his senior.

Despite a strong interest in politics during his school days he has surprised everyone by deciding his future lies with dogs and has joined the family business. He is already showing his influence and is responsible for the dog walking side of the company as well as attempting to drag the the company into the 21st century with the website.

Although the youngest member of the team he is one of the more knowledgeable and is always keen to expand his learning, he has a natural understanding of dogs way beyond his years. He is a capable and competent handler who is an animal first aider and has already attended a number of courses to expand his knowledge of training.

Outside of the dog world he is usually to be seen supporting Leamington Football Club.

Dawn – Head Trainer

Dawn has owned a motley selection of dogs over the years, usually rescue and often the ones nobody else wanted. She has been involved with dog training in various forms for many years, including a brief period of running a flyball club.

She completed an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management and enjoyed many training and behaviour courses since then. She reckons each of her previous dogs has taught her something and is currently owned by a tiny rescue cockapoo who rules the household with an iron paw. She also has a collie cross who she is learning new skills with as they attempt agility together (no prizes for guessing which one usually messes things up).

Dawn is a qualified APDT trainer. She teaches at our classes and also available for one to ones.

Outside of the dog world she has a strong interest in photography.


Chloe has grown up with dogs since she was born. From bum shuffling as a baby with her childhood dogs Maisie and Bella to rescuing one of her own in 2021.
She has had a mix match of different jobs in the past such as retail, factory worker, office work and working on a campsite in Italy. During lockdown, she completed an online course in Level 3 Domestic Animal Care. From there she got a job at another doggy day care before coming to us. Since starting she has completed her canine first aid course.
Chloe has always been into animals and was that weird kid that would pet the frog in the garden, catch the moth in the house or said ‘aw’ to rats on the TV. However, the sight of a spider she will run in the opposite direction.
Outside of dogs and animals, her favourite things are pizza, beer and metal music!