Dog Training

ADPT Puppy Classes and 1-2-1 Lessons

Our training classes involve small numbers which ensures a bespoke service with a personal approach to each member. These are targeted at puppies.

Within these groups you are also introduced to clicker training, you’ll get email backup for any questions you may have and will receive a free goody bag!

If you prefer for your dog to be trained in their familiar surroundings, we offer 1-2-1 home visits and lessons. These will look at the big picture for your dog, and will cover topics such as their diet, behaviour, training and management around the home.

It is important for your puppy to start learning as soon as possible, so the home lessons are available from 8 weeks of age. The dog’s accellerated learning time is up to 16 weeks old, so this period of training is especially valuable in your puppy’s development.