To the best of our knowledge we have the only Warwickshire Council approved, purposely converted facility with both a fully enclosed outdoor play area and cosy indoor rest area with sofas, beds and a woodburner for cold days. We also have several paddocks so small groups of the dogs can go for a play or sniff in them. The dogs days are structured so they have play times and rest times and pups have their own rest area to ensure they have sufficient sleep during the day. Activities include, toy box time, walks, ball games and during warmer weather water games. If your dog needs lunch this is no problem and many of our pups arrive with their daily lunches ready to be served.

Males dogs of over 8 months must be castrated and bitches will not be accepted during seasons. Dogs need to be friendly with other dogs and careful introductions are carried out to make sure new dogs are not overwhelmed.

We operate a key hold system and dogs are picked up and dropped off by our securely crated vans. Service is operated on both a regular basis and for ad hoc bookings when space allows. Contact us for availability for your dog.