Terms & Conditions


A free consultation is conducted for all new clients prior to the start of service. This consultation allows Wag-n-Train to become familiar with you and your pet(s) as well as to set up your customised pet sitting service. At the end of the consultation, you can provide Wag-n-Train with a key to your home if needed and make all arrangements.

Changes or Cancellations:

Please provide at least 24 hours notice on any changes or cancellations in service. No refunds are given on cancellations or on early returns. However, a credit for the amount will be applied to a future service with Wag-n-Train.

House Key:

Wag-n-Train will collect a key to the client’s home during the initial consultation if the client needs a service which requires entry to their home whilst unoccupied. It is suggested that the client allows Wag-n-Train to retain the key safely in our possession for future pet sitting needs. Your key will be returned to your home on the last day of service either via being mailed to the client, or returned to the client personally.

Checking on Your Pet:

You may contact Wag-n-Train daily, via phone or email, to check on your pet. For any emergency or urgent needs, please call 07843 947334 (Marianne). We will respond to any calls or emails as soon as we can.


Wag-n-Train is not responsible for damages or loss to your home beyond the control of the pet sitter (i.e. leaks, electrical problems, acts of nature, burglary). In such situations, Wag-n-Train will make every attempt to contact client before taking action to resolve the problem. All repairs and related charges will be the responsibility of the client and will be reimbursed within 14 days to Wag-n-Train upon return to your home.


If the client’s pet(s) become ill while under the care of Wag-n-Train and if the client authorises the representative of Wag-n-Train to transport ill pet(s) to their veterinarian (or one who is available) every effort will be made by Wag-n-Train to contact the client prior to obtaining medical care for the client’s pet(s).

However, if the client is not reachable, the client authorises said representative of Wag-n-Train to approve any emergency treatment recommended by the veterinarian (unless otherwise stated in the Veterinarian Release Form) and agrees to pay within 14 days of service for any charges incurred.

The client agrees to be financially responsible for all fees for tending to emergency/veterinary care and for the time expense of Wag-n-Train at the rate of £10 an hour. The client releases Wag-n-Train from any liabilities related to transportation, treatment, and expense of pet(s). Wag-n-Train highly recommends that clients notify their veterinarian of having a pet sitting service by Wag-n-Train.